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  • Opportunities in Gold

    Forex trading and the commodities are closely linked so as a trader commodity investment is something I’ve often considered.  While I used to actively day trade a bit of gold and silver I don’t do it very often any more.  So instead I’m looking for something more long term. After…

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  • Forex Trading Recap: 17 January +87 Pips

    One of the oddest things about trading is without a doubt that even when you have an excellent day you almost always have some things you are disappointed about.  It’s hard to complain about a day with no losing trades (I don’t get those days quite as often as I’d…

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  • Forex Trading Recap: 14 January +19 Pips

    Back to the grind! After a lengthy holiday break it’s time to get focused on trading again. Markets are still a bit slow but things should be ramping up over the next few weeks. Until they do it isn’t really about having huge days as any pips are good pips…

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  • Forex Trading Recap: 30 November +56 Pips

    Friday was without a doubt an extremely technical trading day.  Right from the beginning of the European morning we were seeing levels of support and resistance being highly respected.  By using this overall market context to inform our approach we were able to improve our trade selection and maximize our…

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  • Forex Trading Recap: 18 December +18 Pips

    Well, it seems the holiday markets are upon us.  Things have tightened up considerably during the past few trading days and the highest quality trading opportunities are few and far between.  The week before Christmas is always one of the toughest to trade, so unless you are a seasoned pro…

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  • Forex Trading Recap: 03 December +32 Pips

    Today we got off to a difficult start but once we pulled out of being down 10 pips things went quite smoothly.  Although our hit rate today was low at only 50% thanks to our three wins and three losses it was the reward/risk that really saved the day. That’s…

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  • Forex Trading Recap: 22 November +40 Pips

    Well traders, I finally have another recap video for you all.  It seems I’ve sort of lost track of time the last couple of weeks with having so many different things going on and the blog has suffered a bit for it.  I’ve still been sending out Full Recaps to…

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  • Forex Trading Recap: 06 November +43 Pips

    Welcome forex traders to another recap of our Elite Range Bar System.  Today was always bound to be an interesting day for traders thanks to the US presidential election.  My expectation going in was that we would see few large runs since not many of the big boys would be…

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  • Forex Trading Recap: 31 October +24 Pips

    Happy Halloween traders!  Today the market had all sorts of tricks for us as it quickly spiked at mid-Frankfurt and then proved rather difficult to trade most of the day. I got a few emails from various Elite Range Bar traders telling me that today was a bit of a…

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  • Forex Trading Recap: 26 October +62 Pips

    Hi traders!  I wanted to post another quick video recap for all of you in what has been a very hectic week for me (hence only the single recap).  I haven’t had as much time at the trading screens this week as I would normally like but I did get…

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