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Blog - January 17, 2013

Forex Trading Recap: 17 January +87 Pips

One of the oddest things about trading is without a doubt that even when you have an excellent day you almost always have some things you are disappointed about.  It’s hard to complain about a day with no losing trades (I don’t get those days quite as often as I’d like) and a good haul of pips but there are areas for improvement.  Nothing is perfect in the world of trading and there is always room to learn and grow as a trader.
Today I did some very good things, like holding a trade that started with great momentum for 60 pips, and then also made some mistakes where I got greedy and tried for more than the market was willing to offer.  As I’ve talked about many times successful trade management is a fine balance but as long as the outcomes of the good decisions outweigh the poor ones you will do well in the long run.  
So while I have reason to be a bit harsh on myself for holding those two trades too long and losing out on some pips I am still very satisfied with the day overall thanks to the patience I showed to make the most of my late Frankfurt / London Open runner.  One thing is for sure – I will be marking those trades down for further review on the weekend as there’s definitely some room for improvement in the future if I learn a lesson or two!
Here is the trading recap video for the day: