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Blog - November 22, 2012

Forex Trading Recap: 22 November +40 Pips

Well traders, I finally have another recap video for you all.  It seems I’ve sort of lost track of time the last couple of weeks with having so many different things going on and the blog has suffered a bit for it.  I’ve still been sending out Full Recaps to our Elite Range Bar traders but I know from the emails I get that a lot of you aspiring range bar traders appreciate these quick YouTube recaps so I will do my best to keep them going.
I wanted to get this video out today because it was Thanksgiving in the US meaning it was likely to be an interesting trading day.  I knew I wasn’t even going to bother trading during New York, so I had to really focus to make my pips during the European morning session only.  Things worked out very well in that regard with a 100% win rate and some solid pips which as you’ll see in the video could have been much more if I managed the second trade better and held the third.
Still, there’s no reason to be greedy and a +40 pip day is nothing to complain about.  I know a lot of the Elite Range Bar traders also saw some excellent results today from the charts they sent which was great to see.  You don’t need a lot of pips to do well as a trader, as long as you can do it with consistency.  So stay safe tomorrow in what will likely still be difficult markets during New York and end the week the right way – in profit!