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Blog - January 19, 2013

Forex Trading Recap: 19 February +44 Pips

Wow, what a busy couple weeks its been!  I’ve been working with a lot of you and it’s been great to see some of the results you guys (and girls) are getting.  Some of you have also come up with some very interesting developments to use with our Elite Range Bar System which is great to see.
I know the recaps have been a bit less frequent lately but I assure you the time is being well spent.  I have been pouring a lot of hours into a new trading project and while I can’t say much yet I will say it’s something I’m quite excited about.  My hope is that it addresses the needs of some of your who are looking for a bit more intensive program and like to trade other markets as well.  I will be letting out some details as soon as I can.
In the meantime the forex market has been excellent lately.  Lots of good moves, volatility (a trader’s best friend), and not as many dead periods.  As I mentioned above I know a lot of Elite Range Bar members are doing well and I hope those who are just surfing by Samurai Forex Trading are pulling out good pips too!
The video below is a recap of my trading for the 19th of February.  It was a good day with some solid opportunities.  I definitely made a mistake at the end of the day as you’ll see that could have turned a good day into an excellent one but as a trader we have to realize that sometimes mistakes happen and move on.  As long as the majority of our trading decisions were positive ones and we end up with green pips at the end of the day then that’s what really counts.  Best to leave thinking about the mistakes and pips missed for a in depth weekend review where you can actually plan to do something about it!