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Blog - April 19, 2013

Many Thanks to the Elite Range Bar Traders

What a wild month it’s been!  In recent weeks I’ve been working with a large number of new traders thanks to a recent promotion with one of the friends of Samurai Forex Trading, and I just wanted to mention what a great experience it is working with so many talented people.  I’ve seen some very good results and got to know some excellent traders and I’m really looking forward to where things go from here.
Many of you have been sharing your own range bar developments with me as well and the creative element I’ve been seeing is fantastic.  As I’ve talked about many times on this blog, every trader has his own comfort zone and it’s crucial that they settle within it if they want to achieve the best results over the long term.  Many of you have taken this to heart and are trading not only Elite Range Bars as I do, but also using it as an entry technique with some of your other methods due to the improved precision.  No matter how many years I do this job, there’s always a new development to consider that expands my trading knowledge and I appreciate many of you giving me the opportunity to share ideas and feedback with you on your trading innovations.
Unfortunately, all this time spent working with traders in Forex and futures has been a massive undertaking and the blog here at Samurai Forex Trading has been forced to take a bit of a back seat.  I know many of you have given a lot of effort recently and I want to make sure I can do the same, so it’s required me to prioritize things so that I have the time to work personally with all the traders who need it.  
Even if the updates are a little less frequent than they used to be, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  The markets are still moving and there’s always more opportunity out there, so I will still be trading any chance I get!