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Blog - March 12, 2013

Forex Trading Recap: 12 March +43 Pips Morning Only

Forex is still my first trading love and days like this remind me why.  Catching those nice runs, smoothly moving to levels for ideal exits, and then reversing to catch the pips going the other way… it was all so clean.
If it was always that way during any session and any time of the day I would probably have never experimented in other markets, but I’m glad I have and continue to do so.  It’s all about flexibility as a trader, really.  Knowing that you can trade at any time, any place, with consistent success in a wide variety of markets?  That’s the Holy Grail if you’re doing this for a living.  It’s important not to discount continued research efforts and development for their own merits either.  Even if what you are working on is something completely different than you regular trading plan, it all serves to improve your market knowledge and overall ability as a trader.  Expanding your “trading toolbox” brings positive effects to all your trading, not just a particular niche.
A part of that ongoing development journey for me lately has meant I’m quite committed at times during the New York mornings so Forex has been limited cocassionally to the European morning only.  When you have a European morning like this where you can bank +43 pips though, a trader can have few complaints.
What was so great about today was the number of charts I received from many of you showing me similarly excellent results.   Markets have been moving well and many of you are taking advantage of the great volatility on a regular basis in EUR/USD and EUR/JPY which is fantastic.  Just don’t get greedy, keep each day positive, and rely on your consistency to take you to your long-term goals.

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