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Blog - October 26, 2012

Forex Trading Recap: 26 October +62 Pips

Hi traders!  I wanted to post another quick video recap for all of you in what has been a very hectic week for me (hence only the single recap).  I haven’t had as much time at the trading screens this week as I would normally like but I did get to sit down without disruption for Friday’s session.  Unfortunately for people trading on Friday during the European morning the market was a bit of a dud and was moving within a very tight range for much of the early session.  That was until things got a little bit crazy…
Even on these tight days there are still larger market patterns that repeat themselves and it’s not uncommon that we can properly time a sudden change in market volatility.  Today movement came into the markets pretty much on cue and nimble traders were able to take advantage of it.  Catching the first chunk of the big move was definitely a more advanced trade but going after the continuation was a no-brainer considering the risk/reward scenario with that sort of market momentum on your side.
So in the end what could have been an extremely boring morning with only a handful of pips turned into a very nice haul for the time investment.  The real challenge of a day like this is keeping one’s focus and being ready for the opportunities when they come around as lackluster moves often lead to poor concentration, and the moment you lapse is usually when the market is getting ready to go!
You can check out Friday’s video recap below: