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Blog - October 12, 2012

Forex Trading Recap: 12 October +17 Pips

Apologies for posting this forex trading recap a bit late.  I got it recorded then had to run out before getting a chance to encode it, but now it’s ready for all of you to view!  I have been sending out some Full Trading Recaps to the Elite Range Bar traders recently but I haven’t posted much on YouTube.  Hopefully in the coming weeks I will find more time to put these recaps together more regularly.
Friday was an interesting day for a recap as it had some especially difficult price action to trade.  There were only two solid moves in the choppy and tight market action and I missed them both!  One was highly tradeable (but I wasn’t at the computer to catch it) while the other didn’t offer a setup by our rules, but there were still a few pips to be had for Elite Range Bar traders.
It’s important as a trader to realize not every day is going to be a home run and that some days you will struggle to find even one decent trade that gives 20 pips or more.  If you can stick with your rules though and take what the market offers there is generally still opportunity to at least make *some* pips even in rather difficult markets.
Getting through these sorts of days unscathed is important as it not only builds your account bit by bit but it also keeps you in good shape for the next big day which is likely coming soon.  Don’t allow yourself a bunch of strike-out days where you take losses just to look for that one home run.  Consistency is the key to the trading game, so if the market is just offering up singles that’s exactly what you should take.  Eventually it will give you that fat pitch you can really swing big on and when it does you’ll be ready as long as you keep yourself in the game.
You can view the video recap of Friday’s action below: