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Blog - July 10, 2012

Forex Trading Recap: 10 July +95 Pips

Welcome to my first public market recap. Today was an interesting day as we had some pretty wild swings throughout the European morning and early New York. With our Elite Range Bar Trading setups, we managed to catch a good chunk of what was available with very limited overall risk. Check out the video below to see how our method caught the moves.
Most of my videos will probably be with MetaTrader 4. It doesn’t natively support range bars but I will show you how to build them in the Elite Range Bar Trading course. You can also use other platform options that natively build range bars as well but I generally stick with MT4 because I like the custom indicator options it gives me. I’m not a fan of its actual order execution though so I stick with my broker platform, but I make sure to mark my charts up in detail every day so I can do thorough reviews of my performance down the road.